FiltaPura5 Battery

FiltaPura5 Battery offers the exact same possibilities as FiltaPura5 Water Powered but with the added feature of a 100 psi Onboard pump with 10 our runtime rechargeable battery. Simply connect filtapura5 to a water supply and clean all day.

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  • Heavy Duty Powder coated steel frame
  • Heavy Duty Steel wheels for bumping up curbs & steps
  • Produces 0.00 TDS pure water Instantly when connected to a water supply
  • Will produce 3.5 Litre + per minute of water
  • Produce Pure water from as little as £0.50 pence – £1.00 per 1000 litres
  • x2 12 Volt Maintenance Free rechargeable Batteries included
  • 10 Hours runtime from one charge
  • 100 psi Shurflo Pump
  • Machine will self prime ( will draw water from a tank ) 3 Litre per minute
  • Will clean upto 60 foot with one pole or 30 foot with 2 poles
  • In-line Gallon meter
  • Pressure gauge
  • RO Housing Drain for cold weather
  • Resin Vessel Pressure release button
  • Stainless steel braided hosing
  • Solenoid valve – stops waste water and pump when water flow stopped
  • 12 Month Warranty

FiltaPura5 Battery can be used in the exact same ways as FiltaPura5 Water-Powered as well as the following additional features:

  1. Fill your van mounted tank with tap water then use FiltaPura5 as a van mounted system, FiltaPura5 will suck water from your tank produce pure water then pump it up your water-fed pole.
  2. Take Filtapura5 on site for example a school, connect to their water supply and instantly clean windows upto 60 foot with one pole or 30 foot with 2 poles all day.
  3. FiltaPura5 Battery is extremely popular with schools/Hospitals/Nursing Homes, that wish to clean their own windows in order to reduce costs. All you need is filtapura5 Connect it to your outside tap and clean all day requires very little training.

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