Why Use Pure Water?

Tap Water may seem clean but if you try to clean a window you will see white residue appear in streaks and spots, this is because tap water contains many impurities as chemicals and Minerals.

FiltaPura filtration technology removes 100% of impurities giving you pure Water! This then provides you with a very strong cleaning agent which will leave the glass crystal clear and sparkling.

How Does It Work?

Naturally water is extremely polluted like in the ocean it contains lots of dissolved Minerals which gives it the salty taste. When we remove 100% of these impurities and scrub a window the water literally sucks the dirt from the surface and into the water, this is why we don’t need to use chemicals.

Once the dirt has been removed from the glass with the aid of a brush we simply rinse the window and leave to dry! “ No More Squeegees” because there are no impurities in our water the window dries crystal clear without a spot or streak in sight.

FiltaPura5 can be used in many different ways:

  1. Work without chemicals saving money and helping our environment
  2. Work Safely from the ground! No more Ladders & Reduce insurance costs
  3. Work Faster! you can clean upto 65% faster than traditional methods
  4. Clean more, open up new business! clean frames, shop signs & fascias, cladding and much more.
  5. Train and employ new staff easier! Very little training needed to achieve perfect results.